Mental health support network for PWWP

Mental health illness support network for People working with people

Gardens to host experts.

INTERNATIONAL mental health experts and community organisations will meet in Carmarthen Wales to share services and practices.

Mental health conference Recovery Into Practice will be held at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales Llanarthne, on Thursday June the 20 and Friday, June 21.

Minister of Health Professor Mark Drakeford will open the conference and give a keynote speech on new Wales Mental Health Measure.

Hundreds of members of the community organisations, mental health experts and family members are expected to attend.


Myths and Facts on Mental health.

MYTH; Mental health problems are very rare

FACT; Mental health problems will affect one in four people during a Life time.


MYTH; People aren’t discriminated against because of mental health problems.

FACT’; Nine out of ten people experience stigma and Discrimination.


MYTH; People with mental illness can not work.

FACT; We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health.


MYTH; People with A mental illness never recover.

FACT; People with A mental ilnness can and do recover.


MYTH; It’s best to leave people alone if they develop a mental illness.

FACT; Most people with A mental illness want to keep in touch with family and friends.


MYTH; I don’t know anyone with A mental illness/

FACT; Someone you know or love has experienced a mental illness.


MYTH; There is nothing I can do to help someone with a mental health problem.

FACT; There is A lot you can do to help.

There are many Myths about mental illness go to Time to Change Wales for more info by clicking on the link below,,d.d2k

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Quote of the day..

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry you must always try give back a thousand reasons to smile…….

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Living proof Launch

A BOOK has been launched in Swansea aimed at combating the stigma associated with mental health problems.
Living Proof is a collection of prose, poetry and drawings by people with mental health problems. The book’s author Michelle Healy from West Cross has suffered from mental health problems and found some of the book’s content through a blog she writes about her illness. Mrs Healy said: “The book lets people know about mental health. The words are powerful and they are written by people who are ill.”

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Free Easter hunt and children’s activities……

Free Easter hunt and children's activities......

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Free Family Fun Day!

Free Family Fun Day!

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Abolish use of formal psychiatric diagnosed system like ICD, DCM by signing the petition!!

Please click on the link to sign Thank you…….

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Sign petition to stop human trafficking!!

There is 27 million people under the age of3  being abused against their will or if not against their will by having no choice….. This is Mental health problems in its self… 

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PWWP Drop in sessions around Swansea !

PWWP Drop in sessions around Swansea !

A support network to pin point people suffering with a mental health illness to pin point them in the right direction for the right support.

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Free family fun day and Easter Egg hunt!

Saturday, March 23, 2013.

11:00am until 4:00pm in UTC.

Free family fun day event and Easter egg hunt including bouncy castle.
Hosted and Fun and Games from the Radio Tircoed Friday Feeling Breakfast Show Presenters Lee King and Jess G,
He’s the voice of entertainment with for face for radio and she is the bubbly engergetic Queen of R’n’B and Dance.
They will be on hand to play fun and games with all the little and even Big kids, make the day run smoothly and just make sure you have a good time.

Maeve is a 16 year old pop and R’n’B Singer/songwriter from Swansea. She performs songs from Rihanna,Jessie J,Nicki Minaj and many more or todays biggest star Maeve has touredall over the Uk performing in some big venues and infront of large crowds. Maeve is currented to make the day livley fun and energetic with her dance set.

Elle will take you on a musical journey from pop to country and all the brilliant crossover hit

Swansea Museum

Victoria Road, SA1 1SN Swansea, United Kingdom

View Map · Get Directions.

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Self help group!!!

hi my name is david parry i running a self help group in south wales call  i am trying to end the stigma around all kinds of mental health illness  by doing a sponsor walk from liverpool to pyle . i have got ptsd myself so i know what it is like to live with a mental health illness .i will be doing the charity walk by myself , .  sean smith @seansmithassoc have  sponsor me and offering £1000 pounds and  jobbud and cvbud have offering me whatever clothes and walking boots and shoes that i need for my sponsor walk   , these are the place that i will be past through start from the hard days night hotel liverpool next chester next cefn-mawr next welshpool next newtown next llandrindod next llangammarch wells next pen-y-cae next britton ferry then end in pyle south wales . my charity sponsor number is 219830   /  David Parry – Press Release. > > > Light at the End of the Tunnel > > David Parry as a child suffered terrible mental and physical abuse from his father, furthermore witnessing his mother receive similar horrific abuse. Having never found the courage to talk to anyone during these dark times nor seek help, David suffered in silence. In 2010 his daily life was crushing him and he was crying out for help although feeling his pleas were mute. Fortunately his beloved wife came to his rescue and drove him to A&E where he finally found help and was referred to the correct organisations and mental health team who have been a rock in his recovery, supporting him on the long and winding journey to turning his life around, helping him become a more positive person and finally see light at the end of the Tunnel. > > Not only is David Parry a different person today with the nurture and care provided to him, his latest venture is to make another arduous journey; walking from liverpool to pyle in south wales to raise money for > > Already he has received a pledge of£1000.00 and supply of footwear and clothing from Sean Smith, leading entrepreneur and ex-life partner of Gareth Thomas Welsh Rugby Captain and Big Brother contestant, whose latest venture JobBud is the biggest Job Site in Wales. When asked about the sponsorship Sean Smith commented “David is an inspirational person, who, like myself, has had major challenges to overcome and is a shining light to those who are in dire need of help. Raising awareness for PTSD and Mental Health and helping people is a worthy cause and I hope everyone helps David achieve his goal” Mr Smith suffered horrific abuse 5 years ago in South Africa after being wrongly imprisoned, managing to flee the country with the alleged help of the UK government. > > If you would like to pledge money to David’s cause, you can do so by visiting his site > > You will also be able to follow his progress there. The walk is to start on the > > 25/03/2013 charity number is 219830

A poem by a follower!!

By David J Williams
Rising out of the dustbins and muck
A dishevelled old man
Who has run out of luck.
His urine soaked clothes
Are in need of a change
He doesn’t care, which is not so strange
Begging in the markets
Looking for money
People pass by
They think it’s funny
Not having much money
But it’s not is it?
He was once a proud man till he turned to the drink
He did it every day,
He never stopped to think
About the harm it would do
But he had to drink
To forget all that life had put him through
How grand he had been before
Awarded a medal for bravery
In some long forgotten war
But that was sold, and he grew old
Drinking away his agony
How had he become like this?
He had a wife and two strong kids
But decay was there when he was young
So they taught him to march and gave him a gun
And told him to go out and kill someone.
Now he is alone awaiting his death
The time has come to breathe his last breath
But no one will notice his certain demise
For no one will open up their own eyes
To see him fade away.

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Creative drawing by Joe Dodd

Creative drawing by Joe Dodd

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A poem by a follower who cares????

Who Cares?

I sit here. Staring blankly at nothing.

So many thoughts running through my mind.

It hurts, it burns.

Hatred flares through me like raging fire.

It doesn’t stop, it never will stop.

I hate all this, I hate myself.

I feel sick. I feel tired.

I reach my palms out and beg for help.

I wished there was someone who could understand.

I was wrong, so so wrong.

I went to someone whom I trusted.

I tried to tell him my pain, I prayed that he would understand.

But he just threw more daggers against my heart.

Not only didn’t he understand but he saw me mad.

He kept telling me how ungrateful I was.

That there were many people whom were more unprivileged than I was.

What do you know? Have you been through the pain I have?

You say you know that everyone has a story.

But you chose to deepen my wound with your words.

Maybe you didn’t mean it, or maybe you did.

Depression isn’t something that I would choose to keep.

It isn’t fun to feel frustrated and hopeless everyday.

Depression is like acid.

Slowly eating you up inside every single day.

I feel so bad. I don’t know how to stop the pain.

I pull out my blade and give myself a swift cut across the shoulder.

Blood oozes out. I smile at it without flinching a bit.

I feel numb. I feel good.

Cutting is my only escape.

Countless scars everywhere. Who cares?

I give up on hope.

I give up trying to get help.

I surrender myself to depression.

For only depression would accept me for who I am.

Not like everyone else.


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A creative drawing by fine line pen!

A creative drawring!

A gift from god.


we can not deny!!

There is love that came for us,

He broke my shame

And yes he loves us,

Thinks for us and we can  not deny.

So let your name be lifted higher,

We are stronger sin is broken.

Yes we are stronger.

Sin is broken,

Yes we are loved.






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Trust in who you are!!

Kneeling on this battle ground.

Trust in who you are.

Its always about him,

We are nothing without him,

We limit his power

If we trust in self not him.

He wants the glory and rightly so.


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A creative drawring by a follower!!

A creative drawring by a follower!!


We are powerfull and creative!!

We are powerful and creative

There is life in us.

We can run and surrenda

We can pray or yes we can pray.

We will learn all togeter

With a fire that can not be tamed,

Glory to your name.

This is the hunger in me

Through weakness and pain,

I rejoys  and declair.

I will remain and I will rejoys,

Glory to your name.

I will bring joy,

I will bring change.

I have a reason to see.

Glory to your name.



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What I have learnt!!!!

“I have learned that life may not always be easy, but it’s always worth living.”

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A powerfull influence to me!

My Father is a man like no other,

He gave me life, 

Hurtured me, shouted at me,

Kissed me, but most of all loved me.


There are not enought words

I can say to describe how important he is to me,

And what a powerfull influence he continues to be.

I love you Dad.

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Life is a lot of work!

Life is a lot of work. What is it that gives us the strength to continue when we are tired and burned out? Sometimes an inspirational idea can help us renew ourselves and be filled with strength to fulfill our life’s purpose. Inspiration comes in many forms. However, the root of all inspiration is the idea that our lives are meaningful. Inspiration is knowing that what I do matters deeply to the universe. When you have the feeling that your actions are meaningful, you will become filled with strength and vigor to fulfill your life’s purpose.

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Batling Mental illness.

Batling Mental illness.

The local paper evening post.


Colours will turn bright!

Something was done

I don;t think it was right

To staeal my mind

Like theif in the night.

The  terror that visted,
The phantom of pain.

By day dissappering

To return by night again.

Cold hands that touch,

And strangle my heart,

That causes my soul

To be torn appart.

The sensation of feare,

The anger of hurt

unlike being muddy,

Can’ wash of the dirt.

All you can do,

Is try understand

And reach out to grasp

An outstrectched hand.

Colours will turn bright,

You just got to

Claw your way back.

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PWWP Launch

PWWP Launch

A dad and his son visiting Santa.

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PWWP Launch

PWWP Launch

All the families gathering around their children playing.

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PWWP Launch!

PWWP Launch!

Me and Santa taking a pose for the camera enjoying the day.

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PWWP Launch!

PWWP Launch!

All the people that was willing to give us feed back of how much they actually new about Mental Health.

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PWWP Launch

PWWP Launch

Me and my Mentee taking a break.

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PWWP Launch

PWWP Launch

Humie helping out fave painting good job..

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PWWP Launch!

PWWP Launch!

Children enjoying the arts and craft activity.

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A link to the photo of PWWP Family fund day!

A link to the photo of PWWP Family fund day!

Photo of the successful turn up, just under 200 people turned up to the free family fun day of PWWP launch at Swansea Grand theater on the 15 December.

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