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I have created this blog to create a support network for people experiencing some kind of Mental Mental Illness, for those who don’t understand or have the time or chance to LEARN and try to UNDERSTAND. It is for those who feel there is no support out there. I am a Mental Health Peer Mentor, trained by the Transcend  SCVS Project.  I have been trained by Transcend in Mental Health First Aid, Assertiveness and Mindfulness so I  am able to work with other people suffering with an illness. They are run by Swansea council and are lottery funded thanks to  SCVS, in partnership with the Swansea Mental Health Forum, was successful in their bid to the Big Lottery, People and Places fund to train mental health services users to become volunteer peer mentors in 2010. They are looking for others recovering or recovered from a Mental Illness, or they are just there for illness sufferers to have some support. They are based in the Swansea area, There are plenty of other opportunities not just to ask for help and to recover but to even a chance to gain a new rewarding  career. You can find more information about Transcend and the services they provide on the page, Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Assertiveness & Mental Health Peer Mentoring courses available with Transcend, SCVS Project, then follow the link. Other useful information and links on the page; Opportunities for those suffering or trying to gain control of their life.

Another main reason I am creating this blog is to tell my life story as the truth for people to understand the life and the person I was when I was suffering from Mental Health Illness. I hope to show some ill people that there is such a thing as recovery if you just believe in my 3 key thinking points, Positive thinking, Determination and Faith, without them words in mind you better think lucky or just cross your fingers. My recovery has not been easy one bit, I have not just ended up here I have worked hard to come this far and challenged many things and by testing my self  every step of the way, I have no limits and will do anything to stand up for what is right, now I do not want to stop and will not until I feel life is 100% right for me. I can actually say I am happy for once for the reason I have gained  full control of my life and understanding of who I am, and I realize being a somebody in life is very important if you are not a somebody then life can seem pointless as a lot of you who are ill will know, it is either luck if we cry and heard or just never heard, a lot of people feel worthless and just give up on life, but for me it has made me fight to be the person I am meant to be.

I hope sharing not just useful information with you about all kind of illnesses and how they are caused e.t.c, I hope to be some kind of a inspiration to some that know of a other life than just a ill life. Since creating this Blog I have achieved things I never thought I could when one was ill. Transcend who I am now part off took one of the volunteer group winner award of the year 2012, I was lucky and very grateful to be part of the group, most recent I have been seen by this Blog and asked if I would like to take part in a interview with a magazine. So I jumped at the chance to finally be heard and I am now so excited and looking forward to it. So things are possible when you set your self goals and go and hit them.

Sharing every little detail of my roller coaster life so people can either try and understand why an illness has occurred, to show others that I truly understand what it is like to be ill, but I tried to express understanding by remembering my thoughts and feelings at the time of my illness and putting them in to many poems. I  also know some people will never understand as they are stuck in their ways and will not even try to adapt to the way I lived and many others live today. I am very  proud I have, and it is that past journey in life that has given me a chance to see all kinds of  life in many Good and bad people. From that I have been able to learn many ways and many skills of life by accepting and chose not to judge any person through their mistakes or actions, just by listening , observing then learning by the different ways people have. I can put my self in many situations and adapt to their way of life. My heart is so big and has much love to give. My heart has been hurt many times, with so called friends, boyfriends that have hurt me in some way I took the opportunity to learn something good from them in one way or another.  I do not hold a grudge towards any of them that did cause me pain as it is part of that hurt I once felt made me as strong as I am now to get all I can from life, so I can show my son what I have been taught growing up to try and prevent him from any of the mistakes I once made.

I believe in many, many things, such as morals and loyalty.  Personally I treat others how I would want to be treated, I believe everyone is different in many ways some more than others, people should always try and forgive and then forget to move on in life. Everyone deserves a second chance and not to be judged on their past mistakes  as we all have made a mistake or many mistakes in life, and people should try and always respect others thoughts and feelings because they are all as important as each others, and most of all everyone should be treated as an equal . That is what the law says but I do not see that law being used quite yet. Honesty is a very important thing to me as without honesty you can not trust.  Happiness to me means more than money as I have seen that money can be evil, people will do and say anything to get money, obvious it is good to have as it makes the world go round but if I had to choose  between Happiness or Money I would choose happiness, having both is a bonus.

Life to me has been about many, many good and bad experiences . It has been one big learning process trying many roads, some I did not choose but they happened anyway. I have tried to learn something from every person I’ve met and every situation I’ve ended up in good and bad. Those who think they know everything I say” you’re wrong”.  I believe you  never stop learning from life because there is so many different ways to be lived in life and many different kinds of people in the world, how could we possible learn everything?  Surely We  can not.

I welcome everyone to read through this blog with open arms. Most of all I hope that some people that suffer from a form of  illness the ones that have never thought about recovery, are now able to at least try to focus or just wonder what it would be like to make some kind of recovery. I hope this Blog will bring  a kind of hope that there can be such a word as full recovery as I am living proof. I advise those who may have brought their  illness upon themselves to learn from everything and never repeat the things that put you in that situation. For those who developed an illness through different experiences,  I do know of other people that are like me fully recovered or almost at full recovery.  Set goals and do not give up until you hit them, as we can all achieve anything we want to with positive thinking, Determination and Faith through believing in ourself.  Most of all I wish everyone good luck in their journey in life as we are all different and have something unique about us. We all want different things from life, so always do what you feel  is right and not what other people say is right. If it makes you happy do it, you will only regret it if you do not.

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