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Mental health illness support network for People working with people

Myths and Facts on Mental health.

on June 16, 2013

MYTH; Mental health problems are very rare

FACT; Mental health problems will affect one in four people during a Life time.


MYTH; People aren’t discriminated against because of mental health problems.

FACT’; Nine out of ten people experience stigma and Discrimination.


MYTH; People with mental illness can not work.

FACT; We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health.


MYTH; People with A mental illness never recover.

FACT; People with A mental ilnness can and do recover.


MYTH; It’s best to leave people alone if they develop a mental illness.

FACT; Most people with A mental illness want to keep in touch with family and friends.


MYTH; I don’t know anyone with A mental illness/

FACT; Someone you know or love has experienced a mental illness.


MYTH; There is nothing I can do to help someone with a mental health problem.

FACT; There is A lot you can do to help.

There are many Myths about mental illness go to Time to Change Wales for more info by clicking on the link below,,d.d2k


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