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Mental health illness support network for People working with people

My key to Happiness!

on June 4, 2013

Well I thought I should write something as I did start this network to support suffers but also to get my voice heard and that I did.  I used my past thoughts when diagnosis with a MH illness and created a like kind of many poems.  I must say It did pay of even though my spelling is useless i still become an author and produced the book Living proof by using it as part of the PWWP project.  My point is you can do anything if you try u read my blog and see how bad my spelling is but I was still able to edit it and get t correct the gramma with the super tec we have these days, called office and spell check lol………

Well I am please to tell you I will not be trying to do any more creative writing as I am sick of living in the past by remember back to how I was once made to feel by being labeled and judged,when what I was telling the doctors turned out to be true but my lack of education went against me and gave me an MH label.  

I am also able to move forward now that the truth is out 2 years on and people no se I was not mad It was just a bit advanced for the person people thought I was.

I do believe everything happen for a reason and I do believe ignorance killed the cat not keeps you sane, its just a shame that it taken bad things and losses to say ” I told you so”.

Its now my time to be happy and leave things go, I now want to be part of something bigger,Do things for others, connect with people,Take care of my body, see all of the world around me, keep learning new things, Set more goals to look forward to, find more than on way to bounce back everytime I fall.Take a positive approach, but most of all to be comfortable with who am I and how far I have come.



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