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If this song is not a cry for help then what is?

on May 17, 2013

This song,” If I die young” was My verry tierd friends favourite song I found out today and she would play it rgula through out the day, To me the song is a sign in it’s self…..   I am sick of hearing “with mental health u dont see it”   “Its not like a broken legg”   Well I tell you this The signs are clear as day and if u are unable to see it then sorry to say you unfit to even judge on mental health and for those who think here she goes again yes here I do,  A text book and a degree to say u know about meds mean nothing to those cring out because in there eyes thats not help thats just like testing on a rat…..    1 in 4 suffer  an illness so one day u could be living a nice normal life, working  with a good job,holidays every year, children and so on but one day 1 out4 of  of those who are just ignore these crys will exspireance some kind of trauma for example cancer, bang then comes the mental illness and boy you going to wish  listend or see what im shouting out about…… The sayin is curiosty killed the cat but come on igorance kills the cat lets be real about this as I have even heard ignorance keeps u saign well not for ever.. and yes I am dislexic so pleas do not bother leaving a comments out about my Gramma becouse I a trying and I have turned my life around and at least I am one that will stand for whats right no matter what any of u think… I was told people would look at me with Athorithy if my Grama was correct well it never will be cos I am dislexic and thats that BUT I have other qualities others will mnever have from my past, and I am only here to suppost the ones that suffer in silence because sorry to say there no support for the ones crying out as meds do not help all of them maybe some it just labels them.

Athority, status means nothing to me I grew up around it and I would much rather be me.

This was the song played yestertday in my friends funral.

If I die young

If I die young, bury me in satin Lay e down on a bed of roses. Sinkmein the river, at dawn send me awy witth the word of a love and a song.

Lord make a rainbow, I’ll shine on my mother she will know I am safe when she stands under my colour, ow and life ain’t always what you think iy ought to be, no ain’t even grey, but she buries her baby.

The sharp knife of a short life, well I have had just enoughh time.

A sharp knife of a short life, well I have had just enoughh time

AndIll be wearing whitge, when I come in to your kingdom, I’M as green as the ring on my cold little finger, I have never known the loving of a man but it sure felt nice when he was holding’ my hand, There a boy here in town who says he will love me forever, who wold thought forever could be seved by.

The sharp knife of a short life, well I have had just enough time.

So put on your best boys I will wear my pearls, What I never done is done.

A penny for mythoughts, oh no Ill sell them for a dollar they worth so much more after I am goner And maybe you will hear the words I been singing???

Funny when you’re dead how people start to LISTENIN ……

Gather up your tears, keep hem in your pocket, Safe them for a time when you are really going to need them……….

A sharp Knife of a short Life, well I’ve had ust enouhgh time


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