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Self help group!!!

on February 4, 2013

hi my name is david parry i running a self help group in south wales call  i am trying to end the stigma around all kinds of mental health illness  by doing a sponsor walk from liverpool to pyle . i have got ptsd myself so i know what it is like to live with a mental health illness .i will be doing the charity walk by myself , .  sean smith @seansmithassoc have  sponsor me and offering £1000 pounds and  jobbud and cvbud have offering me whatever clothes and walking boots and shoes that i need for my sponsor walk   , these are the place that i will be past through start from the hard days night hotel liverpool next chester next cefn-mawr next welshpool next newtown next llandrindod next llangammarch wells next pen-y-cae next britton ferry then end in pyle south wales . my charity sponsor number is 219830   /  David Parry – Press Release. > > > Light at the End of the Tunnel > > David Parry as a child suffered terrible mental and physical abuse from his father, furthermore witnessing his mother receive similar horrific abuse. Having never found the courage to talk to anyone during these dark times nor seek help, David suffered in silence. In 2010 his daily life was crushing him and he was crying out for help although feeling his pleas were mute. Fortunately his beloved wife came to his rescue and drove him to A&E where he finally found help and was referred to the correct organisations and mental health team who have been a rock in his recovery, supporting him on the long and winding journey to turning his life around, helping him become a more positive person and finally see light at the end of the Tunnel. > > Not only is David Parry a different person today with the nurture and care provided to him, his latest venture is to make another arduous journey; walking from liverpool to pyle in south wales to raise money for > > Already he has received a pledge of£1000.00 and supply of footwear and clothing from Sean Smith, leading entrepreneur and ex-life partner of Gareth Thomas Welsh Rugby Captain and Big Brother contestant, whose latest venture JobBud is the biggest Job Site in Wales. When asked about the sponsorship Sean Smith commented “David is an inspirational person, who, like myself, has had major challenges to overcome and is a shining light to those who are in dire need of help. Raising awareness for PTSD and Mental Health and helping people is a worthy cause and I hope everyone helps David achieve his goal” Mr Smith suffered horrific abuse 5 years ago in South Africa after being wrongly imprisoned, managing to flee the country with the alleged help of the UK government. > > If you would like to pledge money to David’s cause, you can do so by visiting his site > > You will also be able to follow his progress there. The walk is to start on the > > 25/03/2013 charity number is 219830

2 responses to “Self help group!!!

  1. Thank you david for sharing this and i hope by posting this it is going to help you get what you need to acheive your goal good luck I will do what I can to help you raise the money for you walk. Well done you take care.

  2. david says:

    Thank you for putting it on , if what I do could help people that would make me feel good

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