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No panic attack today!

on February 4, 2013





I haven’t had a panic attack today

However, it’s early and they never go away.

When they come, they make you feel like you’re about to expire

Nothing really to worry about,

It’s just your heartbeat gets a little higher!

They can come whenever they want

Most embarrassing when I’m in front

Of the supermarket queue

And I just want to run away

But I’m too scared to move,

feet stuck like glue

The adrenaline kicks in and it’s fight or flight

Aching arms, fast breathes


Then all the other symptoms start

like constantly checking your heart!

The thumping chest

Isn’t the best

As it frightens the life out you

adds to the panic, it’s true!

Why they happen you may enquire?

They say its Anxiety, Depression and Stress,

No more, no more less

I never knew I had it until it happened

And now my life has been truly saddened

However, with calming thoughts like

“Don’t worry you’re not going to die”

Or “your heart hasn’t stopped, it’s just a lie”

And then plenty of deep breaths

It all helps you find sense

Of the problems inside

One day I’ll be free from this madness

And there’ll be no more Anxiety,

Depression and Stress

As I stand tall and proud

And join in with the crowd!


By David j Williams.


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