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A poem by a follower!!

on January 24, 2013

By David J Williams
Rising out of the dustbins and muck
A dishevelled old man
Who has run out of luck.
His urine soaked clothes
Are in need of a change
He doesn’t care, which is not so strange
Begging in the markets
Looking for money
People pass by
They think it’s funny
Not having much money
But it’s not is it?
He was once a proud man till he turned to the drink
He did it every day,
He never stopped to think
About the harm it would do
But he had to drink
To forget all that life had put him through
How grand he had been before
Awarded a medal for bravery
In some long forgotten war
But that was sold, and he grew old
Drinking away his agony
How had he become like this?
He had a wife and two strong kids
But decay was there when he was young
So they taught him to march and gave him a gun
And told him to go out and kill someone.
Now he is alone awaiting his death
The time has come to breathe his last breath
But no one will notice his certain demise
For no one will open up their own eyes
To see him fade away.


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