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A poem by a follower!

on January 7, 2013

I’m all inside, i’m trapped ( in me.)
I’ve got to hide. No one must see.
Like a fossil in rock i’m deeply hidden
No key for the lock. Entry forbidden.
If i could force myself out – set myself free
There is no doubt I’d hate what i see.
There is no reason for me to escape
I’ve ejected the disc, re-wound the tape.
Why press play? there is no cause
I’ve got to stay – remain on pause.
Like a bone in an arm I’m hidden from view
Safe from all harm. No one can see through.
I’ve left here before and felt many things
I’ve now locked the door, cast off my wings.
I’ll stay in here, never again to roam
I’ll shed no more tears – this is my home
 By David wood.


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