Mental health support network for PWWP

Mental health illness support network for People working with people

The last year has been the best year ever!

on December 20, 2012

 It is one year today since I started out this support network and I can honestly say it has been one of my best years ever,  I have achieved everything I planed to and more and even have goals in place for next year.  I had a Mental break down in Febuary 2010 and was diagnosed with paranoia phsychosis which lead to me being put in to hospital for 28 days but I was discharged within 13 days as being in that hospital made me see sence that I was going to turn my life around and everyone was wrong about my illness and I could make a full recovery as I new in my self I was and am cababel of anything with the right support and the right kind of people around me.

 So since that break down I have not just battled my mental health and got back in to  normal life I have turned my life around compleetly,  My plan was so support people throught this blog as there was nothing when I was ill and I had no voice I realised I did not like who I was and where I was at that time of my life.  Then I desided I enjoyed working with and about mental health as I understood it and could spot it in others so I got intouch with an unique organisation called Transcend to train to be a peer Mentor for other ill people which I am still involved with to this day and love it very much,  I know I am making a big difference to my Mentee life and I have gained a true friend and we have real fun like normal people,

 I have gained 5 national certificates through Transend SCVS and plan to do the councling course next and what ever I can when I can. Then in July I was selectet to go to Cardiff castle as we had won volunteer of the year in Wales which pushed me to go for the leadership project campaign with Time to change wales to beat stigma and in September I and my team was successfull in the bid for funnding to beat stigma, we were 1 of the first projects in Britain which was a masive acheivement that I am very proud of.

I called the organization people wprking with people (PWWP)  and the PWWP launch was on the 15 December which was one big success with 200 people turning up to a free family fun day we even got in our local paper and on our local radio station which was fantastic. Our next fun day event is in March along with a living proof book that will be published and launched at the end of March.

The latest good news I received yesterday was that PWWP had been put forward to TTCW for them to analize our project which I am really looking forward to as I see it as a challange I am confident in doing. 

So now we come to the end of 2012 and approch 2013 with open arms. In my eyes  A mental illness does not mean you will be ill for ever u can take it and use it as a gift or you can just take it as a illness and never recover it all down to the induvidual.

Thanks for following my road to recovery Michelle Healy.


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