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A poem by a follower!!

on December 11, 2012


there is joy and peace
and an endless sense of release
as a desire for celebration
in our own inner elation

no more condemning
from a world thats lost and uncaring
our minds are now tranquil
we feel more ballanced and still

to take a moment in time
so our feelings begin to rise
a clean euphoric phase
no longer in a foggy daze

we see a clear image
of ourselves relaxed and fulfilled
the elation of self belief
as we walk in the world with no fear


i battle the voices  i can icant
the endless dance inside my mind
i fear the news, absorbing like a sponge
the multi media, and polititians rant

the tireless battle against inner torment
the vocal echoes of past problems
how frail and fragile the mind can be

society says we are such a drain
yet our worries and frets have made us this way
some say “get on with it”  and “dont complain”
though sleep releases the troubled day

the inner screams will dissipate
as peace and love will conquer self hate
to overcome our fractured past
believe you can, say no to i cant

by richard lawson


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