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Submit your poetry to be published to raise awareness about Mental Health.

on October 16, 2012

Do you have the talent of creative writing??  There is a book being published related to Mental Health to raise awareness to try end stigma for those who suffer with a illness so therefor if you would like to see your poetry published please submit to: Many thanks Michelle.


8 responses to “Submit your poetry to be published to raise awareness about Mental Health.

  1. David Wood says:

    I’m an Island.

    I’m an Island, bordered by water- ( like tears)
    No one to hold my hand, soothe me, take away my fears.
    I support lots of life, provide, even care.
    Yet when i need help, there’s nobody there.
    I’m out on my own, i sit on my beach.
    Myself is my home, i’m so out of reach.

  2. David Wood says:

    Trapped. (written by David Wood)

    I’m all inside, i’m trapped ( in me.)
    I’ve got to hide. No one must see.
    Like a fossil in rock i’m deeply hidden
    No key for the lock. Entry forbidden.
    If i could force myself out – set myself free
    There is no doubt I’d hate what i see.
    There is no reason for me to escape
    I’ve ejected the disc, re-wound the tape.
    Why press play? there is no cause
    I’ve got to stay – remain on pause.
    Like a bone in an arm I’m hidden from view
    Safe from all harm. No one can see through.
    I’ve left here before and felt many things
    I’ve now locked the door, cast off my wings.
    I’ll stay in here, never again to roam
    I’ll shed no more tears – this is my home.

  3. Timothy says:

    The tree was tall and strong and shivered in the autumn breeze.
    Soon it would stand against the winter freeze.
    Like many years before it stood on the hill alone.
    Watching the other trees in the forest dance until there leaves were gone.
    Many times the storms blew in and lightining filled the air.
    Thunder rocked the valley’s and left all in despair.
    But not the tree on the hill it stood there with its face against the wind.
    Fear had left its mark but the tree did not bend.
    Like this tree many of us withstand unseen storms that may never end.
    I guess being bipolar leaves many of us on the outside looking in.

  4. Lillie Frye says:

    I am trapped inside and I cannot get out I feel like running, but I don’t know how. I look all around and nothing I see. I don’t even feel like me. I want to do things, but my body won’t let me you see. I feel like and old stone rolling down the road with no place to go. I try to find a peace within my soul. Nothing seems to matter as I go from day to day. Sometimes I don’t even know what to say. I want to get away from this feeling I feel, but nothing seems to work no matter how hard I try from day to day I just want to cry. I try to reach out and let go from within, but nothing ever happens again and again.I guess I am stuck with this feeling inside and all I can do is just run and hide. I want this all to go away, but I guess it is here to stay. I guess I will have to just be me and hope you will love me no matter what I may be.

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