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A cure for worry!

on August 29, 2012

Does worry haunt your troubled breast?

And daily set your mood

In hour of miser pain, despair

Where happiness eludes.

Has worry taken over your mind?

And trained you in a thrall

To fester deep within your heart

Each day and night that falls.

Has worry changed your attitude?

Towards your friends in life

Replacing joy and cheeriness

With discord, woe and strife.

Now worry is the devil’s work

This planet with his seed

He offers no distinction ‘tween

Colour, sex or creed.

But if escapes your body craves

The remedy I’ll

 Least Satan takes your captive

Along the road to Hell.

Just pass your problems over to God

No more to you to be,

He;ll lock them safe within his heart

To which he holds the key.

He’ll take your load upon himself

Till problems cease, you’ll see,

Release you from your chain of care

From bondage set you free.

His rapturous love will lift you high

To fill you with calm

He’ll heal and mend your saddened mind

With soothing, softening balm.

Till very soon you’ll find, my friend

That worry slips away,

For God has taken charge of them

The Devil‘s had his day!


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