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Change of mind I must apoligise!

on August 7, 2012


Firstly I want to apologise for not posting and supporting those the way I was, as I recently injured my ankle and was put in to a cast.  Secondly I would like to apologise to those who have had great difficult in understanding my positivity towards life!  A comment I received asking me how being positive came so natural to me!  I did not really think about the comment until I hurt my ankle as negative thoughts and feeling slipped back in to my mind being house bound, I can even say I become paranoid about everything and even things I read.  I tried my best to think of good things but it did not change my state of mind but I kept at it as bad as some days were and here I am with my pair of boxing gloves back on my hands ready to fight for what right.  So now I understand the comment when only negative thoughts are present in the mind. So never stop trying and trust your self you know whats best even if others say different, or just want you to think different for their reasons.

3 key points to remember is Positive thinking, Determination and faith then change will happen.  Talking about change as change seems to be a hot topic at this moment in time, well that is what I have read a number of times that everyone are waiting for it to happen.  Most of my adult life I have tried to help or change some of life today society, I have even asked my self why? on a number of occasions but now I realise it does not matter who, where and even what you work as through life there is always going to be bad, corruption and manipulation,  as money buys power and some people i see will do anything for money. So to see the word change makes everything worth while, what I do not understand is how the people who want change are just waiting or busy criticising in some kind of article.  If those who actually want change or are not sure what change will bring?  in my opinion those who genuinely live for happiness will see that the last what??? so many years has been a complete and utter mess. That I get from the media which is probably not even a quarter of the truth and will definitely get the whole truth, I personally look at those who have and are playing the system for their self’s and have have fooled the public with evil manipulation and targeted the vulnerable for years then what different can it be if change does not take place??  It can’t.

When you been to the place I have in life where all you can see and feel is a big black lonely hole, then change can only be a good thing because nothing hurts like it did ever again.  I realize how gullible I can be for the reason I am honest if asked and genuinely care for everything.  I am writing this and I know a lot of people close or not will not like it, but it is the truth that should of came out a long time ago.  People are left with unanswered question and confusion about life which means they do not know who to trust.  Trust is a key issue to make things happen successfully and for sure I have lost a lot of trust in many things.  One thing I sure do know is from everything I have heard, read and even seen the nation is a mess and confused which way to turn. Underestimated or even greed seems to be the words I am looking for, but those 2 words have been left to control and even destroy many peoples life. I will go with trusting myself as living by the laws does not even exist in my eyes as I have played it both ways and no way worked for me and never will till real change is made and seen.

I will be back to posting just like I was and feel free to post a personal story or even a poem as it be great to actually speak to one of my 600 followers. Michelle  .


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