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Mental health illness support network for People working with people

Living by choice!

on July 23, 2012

Shadow of substance, hatred or love.

A burden to carry, or as free as a dove.

Hope or despair, gladness or gloom.

Dark fiery clouds, or silvery moon.

Warm autumn tints, or grey, black and brown.

A quick welcome smile, or a face wrinkled frown.

Sincere genial love, or harsh hurtful words.

A soft tender touch, or a sting of a sword.

Industrious hours with time well employed

Or long, restless days-inspired and void.

The laughter of children to cheer on our ways

Or quarrels and row that ruin our day.

The smell of a rose with sweet fragrant scent

Or rushing on past, burdened and bent.

Harkened to birds-their meodious song

Or death to all nature-surely that’s wrong.

Living our lives with no real aim

Or living for Jesus always the same.

I ask of you, are you good and true,

Or faithless and lost.

Which are you!


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