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A soldier!

on July 23, 2012

Who would of thought I’d be here today?

I’ve struggled in life I have to say,

Pills upon pills to try stem my mind

No one to me has ever been so kind.

Only now my life took a turn

Direction of Jesus my light starts to burn.

Troubled in past, and feared the worst,

When I think of my life my tears start to burst.

A soldier am I in my mind and heart

Fighting a battle right from the start.

My poetry and sculpture I give.

The doctor now starts to listen as I start to talk

About all my trauma in my life. My walk

A tedious journey that I had to take,

Battling bullies just for wickedness sake.

Moved around to run from my past

Now that I am older, I see what I need to do fast;

I just can’t give up now as help is at hand

Never for my head to be put back in sand.

This is my story, this is my past,

I hope that in future I’m here to last.


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