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Today, I am Reiki

on July 9, 2012

The Lifestyle of Happiness



The Reiki Credo .. simple words  that any one can underestimate.

I’ve explained my journey, and where its taken me, or at least pieces of it.  Yesterday a new chapter opened and that’s why I am here with you today; yesterday in meditation I felt my 3rd eye open.

I have taught myself to be sensitive to energy moving through my body.  When I first began reiki, this ability was heightened.  During my hiatus, it slowed almost akin to losing hearing.  I had no sense of energy, although, I still received messages when working with clients.  What followed, while I was healing my hurt, was a visual awareness of where I was blocked.

I will never forget the day I let go of judgment, and the black geyser that came out of my aura on my left hip and vanished.  A few hours later I had full understanding…

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