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Battled the storm!

on July 9, 2012

I have battled like a storm,

Praying I would find the norm.

Through clouds with lightning flashing

Crashing thunder denting my pride,  shattering the pain

Into downfalls of rain.

Dampening my thoughts making it hard to believe,

I would even make it alive,

To the key that will set my mind free.

Battling with So much driven passion,

Breathing in all the fresh air, no fear just a

Desire to complete the mission.

My body and mind demanding to rest,

My spirits love kept me pushing for the best.

Drifting hundreds of miles and Exploring all aspects of life.

With wide open eyes,

Exchanging the negative cycles of life,

Letting go of all those unkind games that almost buried me alive.

Transforming every part of me into just one.

Risen and revealed a creation peculiar in Grace,

Battled the storm to find the key

Which opened my mind to let it run free.


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