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Moe’s Charity shop, Sand feilds Swansea

on July 8, 2012

Fancy a ice cream go to Joe’s.

Fancy A Bargain go to Moe’s.

With her twinkle in her clever eye,

 Her perfect warm and welcoming smile.

Buy a bargain that donates a coarse ,

Try out her shop it is worth a noes.

Trinkets here clothing there,

bits and bobs everywhere.

Every penny someone spends

Is helping others on the mend,

Compassion is this ladies trend

To naturally care takes A unique blend,

A pleasant lady and everyone’s friend.


One response to “Moe’s Charity shop, Sand feilds Swansea

  1. Registered Address: Environment Centre, Pier Street,
    Swansea, South Wales SA1 1RY

    MOre Green Community Shop
    81 Western Street, Sandfields
    Swansea SA1 3JS

    Mobile: 07967 421662

    Charity no:1139762
    Company no:7115182

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