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Mental health illness support network for People working with people

Close the door!

on July 8, 2012

Have you ever felt an emptiness that compleetly takes you’re soul,

No drive within one’s heart no strength to reach a simple goal.

No one in the world to turn to loneless and hurt comes right through,

Falling from an empty sky you do not care if you die.

Oh my I start to cry and ask my self why-oh-why.

At rock bottom sinking to your knees,

You look within yourself and remember how once

You were loved and you were someone,

And that someone relied upon your needs.

With explosive power and regained strength you remember

How your life is meant, meaning  in your heart and direction in your ways,

You finally find the answers that will see you through the days.

Love and freedom, plans you need them.

Compassion in your heart stronger than anytime before,

As you find your new direction, on anxiety we will close the door.


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