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My Family!

on June 21, 2012

Mum you are the one I turn to who understands,

Dad you are the one I look to, to guide me through the storms,

If I lose Direction, who but only my big brother

Could point me in the right direction.

My two Grandpas, they are two of a kind,

Both have lived and know their way,

One has hair so grey, The other ones hair has gone away.

Both very wise, Their knowledge

Outstands  me everyday.

I am glad they are all mine, And I hope

They will be around for A long, Long time.

Nanny sadly you are asleep

We still all have a weep,

But your’e love was so pure so true,

Your love has never left us

No matter what we do.

It is the love of God which never departs,

You’re wonderful love deep within my heart.


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