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A typical day out with my Mentee and her Two dogs!

on June 21, 2012

A typical day out with my Mentee and her Two dogs!

This is my 22 year old Mentee who has given me permission to tell you what I am going to. In the picture with  her are her two dogs Kia and Buster at Castle Marie in the Mumbles typical Mentoring day. Those two dogs are her life and they play a very big part in her recovery. Without those two dogs she and I believe her day to day life coping with every day life would be much differant or even non insistent, they give her a meaning to life a reason to get up as she knows they need to be fed and walked everyday.
I have spent only 12 hours with my Mentee but I could tell You almost everything that has ever happened in her life, but I am not, I have also been able to pin point a Issue that is having a great affect on her recovery which has been occurring on a regular basis for over a year .

There has been a good positive change since meeting her. When I met her she was negative in the way she spoke, she once said ” There is a card in my purse for WHEN i end up ill again and need to be taken to hospital” I said, “Do you believe you can ever make a full recovery?” she looked at me and then thought about what I said, and said ” I never thought about it”. This is when I told her about my past , Three weeks on she now talks in a more positive way, Yesterday in a conversation she said ” one day I hope to come  of my medication, and I hope I end up like you when i am older and become as confident as you are”, I said “I have not always been like this, I have battled to change my life changing it has made me confident”, I could see she then thought about what I had just said. She is doing really well and has a little plan set out for the future and wants to find some kind of work to do with animals, I believe she would be a good person to work with animals as I have seen how passionate she is to her dogs and also horses. she is not ready for work just now as she and I need to consecrated on her remembering skills, like taking her medication or keeping appointments. I plan to get her a diary to try get her to try and learn how to organize her life, I know she could do it if she wants to as I have seen Her Pay her bills and buy the dog food on set days which means she has a routine for her opinion of important things, she just do not class her self in with the ‘must do list’ as she lacks self-confidence and has no family support.

I believe that she has already made progress in just changing her thinking about what could happen, I will keep you posted on any other progress as I plan to push her and keep her on the right track to try make her focus on a full recovery even if it takes some years, but her sensible thinking at her age now, I honestly believe she can do it with the right support along with positive words for her to go home and think about, she will hopefully discover recovery at a younger age than what I was no where as mature as her at 22. Time will tell.


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