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A journey through nature

on June 16, 2012

I dreamed last night of nature fair-

Of craggy tors and mountains bare.

Who summits stretch to reach a sky

Wherein a golden sun doth lie

Amidst a plethora of stars

Which twinkle around planet Mars.

So journey now dear friends, with me

And sights amazing we will see.

In reverie we’ll fix our gaze

On sights which truly can amaze.

I’ll paint for you such scenes divine

Your breath will rise and fall with mine.

The moon in all its wondrous splendour

Shines far bright than diamonds render.

Now downy clouds, tinged by dew,

See hazy sunshine breaking through

Now a rainbow we esp

Such brilliant shades; no hue denied.

We visit fish in crystal seas

And birds and beasts and buzzing bees.

Smells flow’rs so sweet, whose scent unique

Can send our souls to the mountains peak.

Dark trees aroused from winter’s death

Draw signs of rapture from our breath.

The lambs who frolic running free,

And leap for joy, we shortly see.

They gambol in a field of green,

Our eyes stay fixed upon the scene.

A blanket mauve o’er hills of gorse

Does verily our bliss endorse.

But now I’ll say “adieu” my friends

Our journey’s sadly reached its end.


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