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Those that are in charge!!!

on June 15, 2012

Quit a wild confusing try at explaining, by stringing together complicated words,

How people in charge make unrealistic choices in “the best interested”

Of democracy. I t is even more and in the present conflicting situation,

Where Government information for public consumption is highly rhetorical,

Optimistically banal and differs entirely from the Government;s real ineffectiveness,

But keep the public and support on its side, Although something must eventually give under the strain.

Law of unintended consequences, mixing with the pyrotechnics of the white water rhetoric of the mind.

When one keeps digging mystifyingly a deep. deep hole that fills with an ever increasing flow from the rapids,

It soon becomes apparent no-one will notice, albeit one will hear and feel the odd loud,

Confused unusual thing still insulting one’s intelligence.

Peculiarly i am at odds with democracy, and close to becoming defatigable,

Although increasingly very, very interesting otherwise, if it is not already.

It is such that it risks imploding, capsizing and subjugating to unexpected retaliatory forces


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