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Going Nowhere!

on June 6, 2012

I drive, I walk, I travel far,

I even use my local spar,

I climb, I dance, I clap and sing,

But aches and pains just keep me in.

I can not smile or swim the nile,

As i suffer I denial,

Depression I suuferd at an early age,

It is like a book, you keep turning the paged.

Never ending until the end,

It’s been driving me around the bend,

But at last I’ve found the help,

No aches of pain or even yelps.

For you to hear,

I’ve got in gear.

And at the end,

I’ve no tears.

If you felt the same as me,

Going nowhere isn’t free,

Now sit down and think of your life,

And think where your life should be,

As i was more than happy,

To climb to the top of the trees.

Welcome to my road to recovery Michelle.x


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