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Thank you to those who have followed me!

on June 4, 2012

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has followed the blog to show their support for those stuck in a hole and feel like there no way out?, and for those who have shared or past the site on and to those who just think it is entertaining.

If you have read fully through my blog you would at least understand that it is a big part of my past life, the hardest times, and i don;t wish it on my worst enemy but if anyone is unfortunate to develop a Mental Illness, i wish you the best to get your self through it or just able to deal with it.

I am sorry if i have upset anybody’s feelings on my road to recovery, as i know not every one can make a full recovery and i have been a lucky one, i feel i have used my illness to a advantage. I have discovered and excepted who i am but most of all i thank Transcend for believing in me to give me the confidents to take part in their project, which has made me change direction in life to gain a new career in something i get great pleasure from. Helping others who actually want help.

Many Thanks for supporting me on my Road to recovery Michelle.x


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