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on June 3, 2012

Oakbrook Terrace chief: Fire, shootings was ‘traumatizing’ (1/19/12 – Illinois)

Oakbrook Terrace Fire Chief Gregory Sebesta said he is carefully monitoring his personnel for signs of critical incident stress after they responded Tuesday to the scene of four fatal shootings and a fire in unincorporated DuPage County.

He said he has made fire district employees aware of services available from the Northern Illinois Critical Incident Stress Management Team, which offers tips such as getting extra rest, spending time with others and alternating periods of exercise with relaxation to ease physical symptoms. Sebesta said counselors also can be made available if emergency responders need someone to talk with.

Fire Chief Mark Duski, of Villa Park and Fire Chief Andy Bonomo, of the York Center Fire Protection District helped provide stress management services while Sebesta was still busy with the fire.

“We’re still human,” Sebesta said. “We still have physical setbacks; we still have emotional setbacks.”

Sometimes stress caused by responding to a scene like Tuesday’s blaze won’t manifest for several months, similar to post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by some military personnel, Sebesta said.


I take my hat of to all you boys and feel for you and your families.SHOUT IT OUT LOUD AND PROUD! Michelle.


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