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Reality check!

on May 26, 2012

I must admit i created this blog just before Christmas with  3 goals to achieve. The goal was to help or give some support in one way as i know how alone and isolated it can be. I did not really start posting until May 5 th 2012 reason being i had not finished my training with Transcend to be a peer Mentor.

That was the second goal, my third goal was to get over 50 followers. So me and Shelley from the training course hooked up and posted a page on face book called ‘ Mental Health Awareness’ which i believe hit 80 likes in under 20 days, which made my third goal even easier. But i must admit when i hit 50 i felt for all those people that have or are suffering in silence. So being me i carried on trying to support the world.

To my shock yesterday after sleepless nights off just thinking how i can help next? I had a reality check and thought i need to think of my own health, and sleepless nights of just typing away, i will admit has changed my mood and i am snapy. But the main thing that hit home was i am not the only one fighting the world, i could not believe the turn up at the event TOGETHER FOR CHANGE at liberty stadium that all want the same as me. It took a big weight of my shoulders knowing that not just the amazing project Transcend who i now Mentor for, but there are other campaigns and petitions all around wales, England and Scotland. One thing i was disappointing about was how were people who was not involved with a project get to know? I believe Transcend are actually getting ill and well people to collaborate which works well. As i know from attending that event and one of the work tasks, the questions were assumed towards only well people not recovered or recovering people, and they were actually glad to hear our voice and what we thought, it was positive feed back either way. I really enjoyed and since then i have found other blogs that are sharing personal story and interesting and the main tool LEARNING skills.

I feel my fight is over and progress is almost here. But back to me i have got to attached thinking i was fighting alone! and my health comes first, my 3 goals i have achieved and i need me time ready to be able to act out my Mentor skills next week. It is time to get out there and target the schools, churches, and my main one i believe actually need to listen and learn are the police, then obviously the Government.

Bloging seems to be flying along to my sup price as when i searched for others it was rare now it is rife, and everyone are willing to show they face with out a worry in the world. Good on you all keep it up everyone uses the internet even my mother has checked my blog out. That is progress her switching it on.

That does not mean this blog has ended just means ill do a bit a time, i will work the laptop not the laptop work me. And thank you for those who shared a personal story or liked a page BRILLIANT it just proved to me in 20 days just under 100 people had followed the blog and must of been or still are wondering on if/how/what if i ask for help?

Do it LOUD AND PROUD, it will make you into someone stronger and show you what you able to achieve from life, their is a lot of options depending on what you want from life, even if it is just to cope with day to day life. Go for it no one should be left to suffer alone and discrimination put towards them.

That reminds me that i have notice the social network are apologetic and using the letters MH. Great that shows me media have been wrong branding people for being ill but worst of all making money from it. MH is great (my opinion) as it the initials of the illness and mine to he he. TIME OUT.x


2 responses to “Reality check!

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  2. ToonophiffGen says:

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