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A poem that makes me think about a small part of my life!

on May 25, 2012

People of the world, some meek and mild,

Blessed with a miricle, the gift of a child,

Marriages, births, little time to sleep, labours of love shall we reap,

Making a home to live in peace, working the land- enough to feast.

Proud of life we have achieved, giving life to what we have conceived,

Our neighbours are different, but yet we’re the same,

Perhaps religion’s an excuse to blame?

The greed of a man to pick up a gun, or to place a bomb to kill someone.

Blowing up children, women in birth,

Destruction of creation, our mother of Earth,

Sending children of in to war, stop and think,

Well, what’s it all for?

Belief in a God or greed for some land,

Mother lie dying, Children clasping their hands,

Is this for religion, or greed for some land?

Look at the children do they understand?.


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