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Personal stories.

on May 18, 2012

Personal stories..


2 responses to “Personal stories.

  1. Chrys Healy-Smith says:

    Some people think I’ve had an easy life,but I I hav’nt. I’m 35..When I I was young I was beaten and felt discarded. I got smacked on the arse for10 minutes at a time by my mother for doing what kids do. I also got beaten with out dog `Morney`s` choke chain for smashing a neighbours window by accident. this wasn,t the only time. My mother got got killed by a taxi man as my mother crossed a pelican crossing in Weymouth when I was 11,and died when I was 12 after see`ing her in hospital dying of pneumonia.Next time her friend took me and my sister down to see see her,she had just died,and my mothers friend took us to Monkey World on the day down,so that we wouldn`t have to witness worse than what we had witnessed the the last time we saw her. That is what messed me and my sis up! My Gramps did his best and took us both on even being 65..I did my best in school and beat up the bullies because I wouldn`t let no-one pick on me.. Now 22 years later,and through all these years,I`ve never forgotten and had countless sleepless nights with waking nightmares, waking upin hot and cond coldsweats,and still do now.I`ve taken many medications off my GP,most make me feel like I`m going mental. I talk to myself alot,I feel so alone its unbelieveable,sometimes I cry and cant sleep for 5 whole 24 hour days at a time. It`s awful.Since I`ve been mostly on my own in my inner feelings with no help I have intentionally hurt myself to try to make me feel something,but nothing seems to hurt.I`ve broken bones and all sorts,I`ve got at least 45 scars on my by body from one way or another. But then who cares. Time out Chrys!

    • Thank you chrys, you are one of the reasons i am designing this blog, as i know personal there is no support and so much stigma towards it. If people were more aware and honest like your self, as there is nothing to be shamed about, as u are not alone. It is the ignorant people that class MENTAL as a brand and not a illness. You have been clearly suffering from depression from a young age, and you have been fighting alone. People need to remember there is always a root to the problem. There is information on this blog if you ever need to talk to any one. My heart goes out to you, and thank you for sharing your story, together we can beat the stigma, if we all just be brave enough and speak out, ask for help. As one of my bloggers says after pain comes beauty. I hope one day you will see it, and i hope this blog will give you some comfort.x

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