Mental health support network for PWWP

Mental health illness support network for People working with people

Do you have the skills for Mentoring? With Transcend project:

on May 15, 2012

House Keeping

  • toilets
  • Fire exit
  • Time table and breaks
  • Smoking
  • Style of training

Ground rules

Skills for mentoring

Action planning

  • Possible courses of action
  • Consequences other action
  • Alternatives
  • Timeframes

Action plans study

Setting goals and action planning

  • How realistic are they?
  • Who else do they affect?
  • What other options there are?
  • How long will it take to achieve?
  • What time is available?
  • How would we know if we achieved it?

 Communication Game

  • What was difficult for those drawing the picture
  • What was difficult for those describing the picture?

Mentoring – a two way process

  • What do you think that communication will be like at the start?
  • How will you build rapport?
  • How do you think communication may change over time?

Sign posting and Networking

  • Having Knowledge of different contact and/or sources of information and posting the mentee in the right direction


  • Having direct contact with relevant individuals and/or groups and providing an introduction for the men tee.

Ground rules

  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Mutual respect and appropriateness
  • Contact details


  • Are the meetings what you both thought they would be?
  • Is progress being made
  • How could the meetings be better?
  • Does anything need to change?
  • Any other issues?

If you believe you have the skills to become a peer mentor with Transcend go to the page Transcend, mental health peer mentoring courses available with Scvs Project, and other activity available, also wanted volunteer for Swansea Mind:  For further information.


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