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Some Mental Health policy background in wales.

on April 19, 2012

The result of this lack of understanding of the true and prevalence of mental illness is fear, Stigma and discrimination. This in turn may prevent seeking help when they, family member,friends or colleague experiance an emotional problems or mental illness.

Mental illness is treatable and as with other illness. Early diagnosis and treatment improves a person,s chance of making more complete recovery. Detecting signs and symptoms of a mental illness and seeking help from a primary care. or where is necessarily. More specialist services is vital in reducing consequences of emotional problems. Common mental healthy illnesses such as anxiety and depression are more severe mental illnesses.

The Mental Health first aid program me (MHFA) aim to inproof a, not just among people working with awareness of mental health problems, not just among the health care settings. This will help reduce stigma. The program can also be targeted towards at risk group such as looked after children, those leaving care and prisoners.

The aim of mental health first aid: To preserve life, to prevent deterioration of a persons mental state, to promote the recovery of good meal health problem mental health and to provide comfort experiencing a mental are crucial elements of mental health approach.


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