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on April 17, 2012


For the past week I have made it a new habit to check in with the latest addition to my faves stored on the computer.   The State is South Carolina’s essential newspaper, and has demonstrated that to be true every day since the Governor Sanford story broke about his Argentine lover.  There is an intensity to this poltical drama that gravitates me to this newspaper for the latest news about this scandal, and the fallout it is creating.

So here I am today reading the paper, and there is a news story with an angle I have never before seen taken about an elected official, unless I am forgetting, and then a reader can alert me.  There is open specualtion about  the mental condition of Mark Sanford, still the sitting chief executive of South Carolina.   I must say this is incredible, and a direct off-shoot of handling the PR for his affair dreadfully.  No one must be advising…

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